Tafios monastery

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Tafios is a historical monastery located on the Paliki Peninsula, close to the village of Havriata. It’s one of the oldest saved monasteries on the whole island, with a remarkable history, which goes back to long lost historical periods. It’s built on steep rocks, (about 100 meters above sea level) and reminds one of Aghio Oros.

Characteristic of the location, as is of most places situated on the same side of Paliki, is the unique sunset with a view of the Ionian Sea. If you find yourselves nearby, it’s something which is truly worth enjoying, offering yourselves a few moments of relaxation and peace.

Before reaching the monastery, you can see on your right the ruins of another historical monastery, that of Saint Paraskevi of Tafios on the Tafios mountainside, which is connected with the mythological residents of the area, the Tafians. The ruins of the magnificent gate are preserved

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