Museum of Rural-Folkloric and Cultural Heritage

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The Museum of Rural-Folkloric and Cultural Heritage has been functioning for the last four years in Zervata of Sami (in the old primary school building). A number of exhibits take the visitor back to the past everyday life of the inhabitants of the area. Residents of Zervata and of the other surrounding villages donated enshrined heirlooms and beloved pieces of their lives to the Museum, thus making them property of the following generations.

The Museum is opened daily during the summer and one can visit it in the winter, after communicating by phone with the President of the Local Council of Zervata at the number 26740-22019.

- Dedicatory Plate, with the names of the victims of the’12-‘13 Balkan war. 
- The kit of the weaver...
- Old radio.
- The old buffet...
- Old utensils of a homestead .
- The old ice fridge.
- The cradle
- Epitaph.
- Part of the temple of the church of Sotiras, in the ancient Grizata
- Wash basin and tap.
- Embroidery made at night time under the lamplight 
- The ... bedroom
- Crown case.
- Small trough, Pinakoti and trough, necessary tools for the bread’s kneading.
- Gramophone
- chandelier.
- Superb photography of the area’s resident.
- Grandmother and granddaughter. A photo full of movement and tenderness!
- The nest .
- Spoil from the Β΄ World War...

The building which houses the Museum.

Turning from the main road of Sami-Poros for the Museum, there is this stone composition, tribute of a resident of Zervata to the National Resistance. 
The church of Sotiras at the Old Grizata. As we were told by the locals, this the Temple exhibited in the Museum.

We thank a lot the President of the Local Board of Zervata Mrs. Anni Kalivoka and Mrs Eleonora Kalerante for theire precious help, in this small tribute.

Texs - Presentation:
Tasos Kavalieratos, Takis Tokkas

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