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The heart of the town of Argostoli is in picturesque Lithostroto. It is basically the historical evolution of the pre-earthquake Lithostroto, which back then, just as today, was the most commercial and secular street of town.

Today it is basically a part of the street, about 800 meters in length, which has been turned into a tiled pavement. Having the most commercial shops of the town there, it’s a lively section all year round. Especially during the summer months, passing through Lithostroto may be rather difficult during certain hours of the day, as thousands pass by!

The most characteristic aspects of the town’s life take place in Lithostroto as well. Customs of the Twelve Days of Christmas and Easter, religious processions, serenades and strolls and relaxing moments as well, remind us of moments of the town most important street.

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