Laskaratos’ Hill

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Andreas Laskaratos (1811-1901) is Kefalonia’s best satirical poet. He was a descendant of an aristocratic and one of Lixouri’s most wealthy families, that’s why he wandered up to London. However, his way of life was against the norm of his time, with which he had a conflict by freely expressing his ideas.

His estate and country house are located in the area of Aghios Dimitrios, near the village Ritsata of Paliki. There, the satirical poet sought refuge during difficult times, as it is mentioned in some of his poems. This particular hill was named after him and it is now known as “Laskaratos’ Hill.

The initial house was destroyed by the earthquake of 1867 which hit the island and flattened all of Paliki. The ruins that are present on the hill today are the remains of a structure, smaller and posterior to the initial one.

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