Kosmetatos' House

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Kosmetatou House stands on Rizospaston Avenue and is one of the few buildings in Argostoli to have (partially) survived the 1953 earthquakes. The interior of the house collapsed during the quakes leaving only the ground floor of the two-storey building still standing. While most houses were later demolished the Kosmetatos family did what it could to save this fine example of pre-earthquake architecture, which now serves as one of the last remnants of a culture that vanished in a matter of seconds.

The house was bequeathed to the Municipality of Argostoli on the condition that works be carried out to restore the building to its original condition, including the rebuilding of the first floor.

This building is an important town monument, for the additional reason that it occupies a prime location on a main avenue, allowing visitors to envisage what the town looked like before the earthquakes. Another building that survived is located near the Korgialenion Library but is less accessible to the public.

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