Kambana Square & Bell Tower (Plateia Eleftherias)

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Kambana Square & Bell Tower (Plateia Eleftherias)

Kambana Square is the historic town centre of Argostoli. It was here that the Venetian Libro d’oro (‘Golden Book’ listing the island’s nobility) was burned, ushering in a new age without titles and distinctions.

The square’s present name is derived from its imposing bell tower, whose clock once set the pace of life for the town’s inhabitants. Following the 1953 earthquake, the square was rebuilt several times before finally being raised to the level of the surrounding pedestrian streets.

At its centre stands a water pump that once supplied a large portion of the old town, while its four towering palm trees are estimated to be over 150 years old. Sadly, today the square displays signs of neglect and the pedestrian streets are usually lined with cars.

However, visitors can find refreshments and traditional sweets at the municipal Bell Tower Cafe, while the floor above it hosts a small permanent exhibition of photographs of pre-earthquake Argostoli. The bell tower is also well worth climbing for its splendid views of the town and surrounding countryside.

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