Holy Monastery of Koronatos

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The Monastery of Koronatos is 3 kilometers from the town of Lixouri. According to tradition, the nobleman Leon Polikalas fled from Koroni in the Peloponnese to the province of Paliki, bringing with him an icon of the Mother of God.

He then honourly dedicated it to a church, which was built on his own care and expenses at the end of the 15th century. During the following century, the church was most likely destroyed by earthquakes. A shepherd from the Megalogenis family from the village of Polikalata was herding his sheep in the village where the Monastery lies today. The ram abandoned the herd on a daily basis and went to drink water from the spring under the fig tree in the village where the church used to be before the earthquakes. After following it, the herdsman saw a blinding flash coming from the fig tree. As he approached, he saw an icon of the Virgin Mary with a small amulet. He brought it down and took it home, but the icon kept on leaving and returning to the fig tree where the shepherd had found it. This happened many times, so the herdsman finally had to make the miracle public and with his fellow villagers’ contributions, the church was rebuilt. The original icon of the Virgin Mary Koroniotissa has been lost. A copy of this icon is the miraculous one found today on the church throne. It is also called “Dakriroousa” (Tear Shedder) because after the earthquakes of January 23rd 1867, the icon was found on the floor with tearful eyes, even though the church hadn’t been destroyed.

The Monastery celebrates on August 15th (The Virgin Mary’s Assumption), on January 23rd (the Virgin Mary Dakriroousa, the saving of the Monastery from the 1967 earthquakes), on July 2nd (the Virgin Mary Vlachernon, as in the catholicon is a very old an extremely beautiful icon of the Mother of God) and on the Saturday of the Akathistos (= Not Seated) (there is such an icon on the throne). After the Holy Mass there is a food offering which has been prepared by the nuns.

Devout vigils are held at the Monastery during every celebration of the Virgin Mary throughout the year, as well as during the feasts of the great saints. These vigils are always kept and the Monastery follows the rituals of Aghio Oros. The nuns are occupied with accommodating visitors, embroidery (pontifical vestments for the altar, crocheting, knitting etc.), crafts, farming, gardening and livestock. By its mere presence, the Monastery has contributed to the moral and spiritual exaltation and cultivation of the Paliki Province.

The Monastery’s opening hours are 7a.m. to 1p.m. and 4p.m. to 8.30p.m., daily.
For any information, contact:
Blessed Sister Nektaria
Mother Superior of the Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary Koronatos
Lixouri, Kefalonia
Tel.: 2671094361

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