Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia & Spiritual center

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Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia & Spiritual center

The new Metropolis of Argostoli was built in 1957 and stands on Vergoti Avenue near the site of the original metropolitan church of Sotiras, which was demolished in the 1953 earthquakes. Recently, additions have been made to the plot to facilitate the ecclesiastical work of the Metropolis. The iconostasis comes from the old church of Panaghia Fousatou and there are icons bearing the signature of the great iconographer Theodoros Poulakis.

The Metropolis also operates the boarding-house, the nursing house, the school of Byzantine Music, the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art in the Monastery of Apostle Andreas, the famous Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, an Ecclesiastical book store and another 13 Monasteries.

For further information regarding the religious activities of the Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia please visit their website: http://www.imk.gr

The Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia also operates an ecclesiastical bookshop on Sotiros Street in Argostoli.

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