Holy Monastery of Estavromenos in Pessada

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It’s a woman’s monastery without staff. It was rebuilt from the ruins of the older monastery in 1618 by the brothers Pavlos Kollelas and Aggelos Valsamakis, who also donated a great fortune to it. It is located in the area of Pessada and is dedicated to the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The namesake holy icon, a work of extraordinary art, is displayed for visitors to pay their respects at the Holy Church of the Evangelistria in Pessada. Next to the church is the church of Saint Ioannis Chrisostomos.

This church’s altar is octagonal while the monk Kiriakos Petaloudis, a blessed member of the Church of Kefalonia in the 19th century, is buried underneath the floor. The chancel, the sanctuary doors and the moveable icons are impressive.
The miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary “Diotissa” (Vlachernon), the only relic from the Monastery of the Virgin Mary on the small island of Dias, is kept in the Monastery.
It celebrates on the 3rd Sunday of Lent (Stavroproskiniseos), September 14th (Exaltation of the Holy Cross), November 13th, January 27th (Assumption and Removal of the Holy Relics of

Saint Ioannis Crisostomos –there is also the holly relics) and July 2nd ( Virgin Mary Diotissa).
Monastery Tel.: 26710 69143

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