Kefalonia Cheese "Galiatsatos"

The Galiatsatos family’s cheese making activities go back 3 generations. Since 1942, they have been producing traditional Kefalonian feta cheese they way they learnt from their father and grandfathers. The first yoghurt workshop was built in 1957 and they continued to make traditional feta, as well as kefalotiri.

The business was passed on to Spiros’ hands in 1981, who modernized it, combining the island’s tradition with the help offered by modern technology. Spiros’ children have been in charge of the enterprise since 2000.

Barreled feta cheese, traditional sheep yoghurt, 2% yoghurt, kefalotiri, standardized rizogalo (rice pudding), butter, mizithra and much more. Purchasing new mechanical equipment constantly improves quality. Regular quality control, complying with hygiene regulations, excellent know-how and modern equipment (certifications with international quality standards like HACCP) and the more than 70 year experience in traditional cheese making guarantee the business’ good course. Galiatsatos’ cheese products are promoted in all of Greece. The main features of our products are their exceptional quality, tasteful packaging and affordable prices.

Every Kefalonian is extremely strict where choosing feta, kefalotiri and other similar cheese is concerned, making him a particularly difficult and demanding consuming public, which doesn’t settle for low quality byproducts, but judges and chooses with strict standards. Galiatsatos’ cheese products have won the consumer public of Kefalonia, leaving the opening of new markets with dedication to the traditional Kefalonian art of cheese making.


  • Street: Kosma Aitolou 10
  • Postcode: 28100
  • City: Argostoli


  • Telephone: (+30) 26710 26695
  • Fax: (+30) 26710 26720
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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