Holy Church of the Holy Mother of God in Drapano

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Across Argostoli and at the edge of the cemetery is the church of the Virgin Mary Mirtidiotissa, also known as “ the Virgin Mary at Drapano” and the patron of the town of Argostoli.Her sacred and miraculous icon is taken in procession, followed by authorities, musicians, all the clergy and the residents of Argostoli on September 24th. Years ago, it was first taken to the Saviour’s Church, then to the Metropolitan Church, but today the procession takes it to the church of Saint Spyiridon in Argostoli. It stays there for about a week and is returned to her church in Drapano in a similar honourable fashion. This litany has been held for centuries, as it has been officially recognized as a local holiday, as proven by a relevant document from the “Historical Archives” of Kefalonia.

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