Saint Anthimos and saint Paraskevi (Lepeda)

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Saint Anthimos and saint Paraskevi (Lepeda)

This Monastery is a women’s communal, but, unfortunately, without any staff after the death of the Blessed nun Ermioni, who served the Monastery for almost a century. A men’s communal at Lepeda beach was first established in 1687, with Lavrentios Mantzavinos being the first Abbot. The devout monk, along with his entourage built the entrance of the cave where they found Saint Paraskevi’s Holy Water and turned it into a church, dedicating it to the miraculous martyr saint when Timotheos Tipaldos was the Archbishop. The great earthquake of 1776 destroyed the Monastery. The monk Anthimos Kourkoulis renovated the Monastery in 1769 and converted it into a woman’s monastery. The blind monk Anthimos was born in Kefalonia in 1727. He became a monk at Aghio Oros and visited many sacred places in Greece. He cloistered at the Monastery of Saint Matrona in Chios, where, according to tradition, he was sleeping on the church’s floor. He is considered the missionary of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, because, on his passage through these islands, his preaching were of great spiritual benefit for the inhabitants and he left behind great work.

The Monastery was deserted after the earthquakes of 1953; the same earthquakes destroyed the cave church. The church and the small two-floor building seen today are post- earthquake. Besides the destroyed cave, the only ruin left is a section of the Monastery’s old gate, still standing against time and which is being stored today. You can pay your respects to the miraculous icon of Saint Paraskevi in the church.

The Monastery celebrates twice a year:
on July 26th, Saint Paraskevi’s Feast Day
on Spetember 4th, Saint Anthimos’ Feast Day, with the care of the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, since it’s in its dependency and because it has no staff.
May God with the help of Saint Anthimos lead virtuous nuns to this land and so serve the pilgrimage of the island.

Monastery Tel.: 26710 91690

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