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Pessada is a small beautiful seaside village located on the southern coast of Kefalonia. The village has a small harbour separated in two estuaries. One of them is used by the locals for fishing and there many fishing boats moor, while in the other estuary moors the boat which links Kefalonia with Zante. The village is cosmopolitan as its inhabitants are considered to have travelled all over the world due to the commerce, whilst the view from the village to Zante, the Castle and Enos is striking.

Pessada has a mini market and a canteen on the harbour but in very close distance from both beaches. It also has two small beautiful beaches, “Ammo” and “Vrisi”.The clear blue water in combination with the ever green environment that surround it offer to the visitor moments of relaxation and recreation. Access to the beaches is easy as there is parking space for the vehicles just above the beach. Then, the route is downhill with a few steps where the view is magnificent.

Editing: Emilia Pavlatou

Information sources: Livathos, Group Livathos of Kefalonia edition, Athens, 1993

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