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One of the most beautiful areas of Kefalonia is, without a doubt, Lassi. It is a particularly developed tourist destination, with lovely secular or not beaches, tourist shops, luxurious hotels, but with the potential for hiking or biking in lush green areas full of sights.

Where to look first in Lassi? The mesmerizing beaches are breathtaking, every spot being full of people from early on, enjoying the most beautiful and cleanest waters. The beaches are one after the other. From the secular Plati and Makri Gialo to its more “less crowded” ones; Turkopodaro, Gradakia, Mediterranne, Fanari, Maistrato, many small bays with either sand or pebble… The terrain here is literally wonderful.

Further down, you can find anything in the area’s shops, but also taste special flavors in the regional restaurants. Naturally, there is also nighttime entertainment, present in the area during the summer.

If walking or bike riding relaxes you, the Lassi roundabout is an unique route, with a constantly changing flow of imagery, which is bound to calm you…

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