Fterouso Cave

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Fterouso is situated in the region of Dilinata, 770 meters above sea level, 120 meters in depth and with a diameter of about 15 meters in its deepest point, though it generally doesn’t surpass 4 to 6 meters.

The cave’s shape is vertical, “siphon shaped”. Its rock formations are of limestone, quite unstable and dangerous in the upper part with a very narrow entrance, no more than 50 centimeters. Underwater waters flow in from the cave walls at 60 meters and deeper. Part of the roof’s dome has fallen and, landing in the cave depth, along with other debris, resulting in the blockage of the cave’s possible continuation downwards. This is believed as the largest part of the water flow disappears, without it being gathered the least bit.

Nothing in the morphology of the ground predisposes that there’s a cave somewhere around. When you first take a look at the entrance, it seems impossible to be overpowered by the awe you feel whilst looking at caves like Melissani and Agalaki. Yet…!

The darkness, the damp cave walls and the absolute silence create an intense mystical atmosphere! Once you recover from the first shock and start observing the unprecedented environment, you will be surprised to discover that an underground world of microscopic creatures is observing you, mainly spider and moths. Climbing downwards requires extreme caution due to the unstable rock.

Climbing down into the depth of the cave can last up to 40 minutes and is an experience which should be undertaken only with the best equipment and along with an extremely experienced guide, but it still remains a unique experience!
Source: Information from Nikiforos Fokas’ article for Kefalonitis Magazine

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