Argostoli Harbour

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Argostoli Harbour

The bay of Argostoli provides the town with one of the few natural harbours in the entire Mediterranean. At the head of the bay is Koutavos Lagoon, which was formed by the De Bosset Bridge, a historic monument to the town’s past. The shallow waters of the lagoon are not suitable for large boats but one can take the wide footpath around the shores of the lagoon to visit the beautiful forest of Koutavos.

Most of Argostoli harbour front is lined with palm trees and laid with an attractive design of black and white pebbles. In the mornings it is bustling with life as much of the town’s commercial activity is centred around the harbour, including picturesque fishing boats displaying their catch of the day. On warm summer nights it is a popular place for a romantic stroll or a rest on one the benches to gaze at the moored yachts from all over the world and twinkling lights of mountain villages across the still waters of the bay. The more energetic can continue their walk or cycle past the marina at the edge of town and take the wooded coastal road to Katavothres or the municipal beach of Fanari, named after the famous nearby lighthouse.

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