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Zola is in the western part of Kefalonia and is part of Thinia, along with Agona, Nifi, Petrikata, Riza and Kardakata. Zola is a mainly amphitheatrical village, with a beautiful view of the picturesque Aghia Kiriaki beach. It is a village with wild beauty and for people who are in search of alternative scenery and hiking, as it has quite a few hiking trails.

The village has two churches, Ipapanti and Saint Dimitrios. Ipapanti belongs to the Apergis families and Saint Dimitrios to the Gasparatos families. The inhabitants of Zola have celebrated both churches for years with festivals that attract a lot of people. Especially the Ipapanti festival, which is more well-known and participation is great, as there aren’t many churches on the island dedicated to this particular celebration.

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