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Peratata is located in the southwestern section of Kefalonia and is part of the area of Livathos. On a hill north of Peratata, is the Castle of Saint George, which dates back to the 12th century. Peratata probably got its name from perno-perama(=pass-passageway) because it is literally a place from which many pass by in order to go from the west to the east of the island and vice versa.

The village is built on the main road and, as logic dictates, it has a mini-market, a bakery, a patisserie, a tavern, a petrol station and other shops. Nevertheless, it does not lack greenery; there are plenty of trees on the edge of the road and the houses have yards, gardens, bright colors and traditional beauty.

Quite a few visitors choose to stay at Peratata during their summer holidays, since access to all the beaches in Livathos and Argostoli is much easier from this point.

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