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On the crossroads right before the northernmost point of the island, Fiskardo, Magganos belongs to the Governing Department of Erisos of the Municipality of Kefalonia. It borders with Tzamarelata, Matsoukata, Steliata, Agrilia and Ventourata. It is a pivotal spot of the area because it’s impossible to live in Erisos and not pass by Magganos at least once a day. It is a village full of life, as, besides its residents, many people come to Magganos for shopping or coffee.

Magganos is an important place for the general area of Erisos with commercial activity, as there is a super market, coffee shop, greengrocers’, restaurant and tailor’s, as well as an architect’s office and an auto shop. It is a meeting point for most and the place where most activities begin happening, as most of the locals start their day drinking their coffee in the coffee shop.

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