Kaminia Beach

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Kaminia Beach
Kaminia beach is a vast, almost deserted beach with crystal clear waters and is one of the most beautiful natural beaches of southern Kefalonia. It’s ideal for resting as the wonderful surroundings offer relaxation and tranquility. Moreover, it is considered a family beach, ideal for children as the waters are warm and shallow. It is accessible, but the most beautiful spots are reached on foot. Kaminia is basically two beaches which are separated by rocks. There is a tavern, a canteen, a café, a big parking lot and umbrellas are provided.
The beach got its name from the kilns which used to exist in the area, where roof tiles were made using a type of clay. You will reach the beach by turning right at the village Ratzakli and you can see it from above on the way to Skala. This particular beach has been chosen as a breeding ground by the endangered Caretta- Caretta sea turtle. Passing by the second Kamini, there is one more beach, Munda, which has yellow sand, is quiet and not so shallow. Many nudists prefer this beach.

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