Eblisi Beach

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Eblisi Beach
Ebilis is one of the most well-known beaches of Erissos, just 1,5 kilometers from Fiskardo. It’s small with clear blue-green waters and small white pebbles. Its depth is sandy while  on the sides of the beach there are horizontal stone slabs on which you can lie down and sunbathe. It’s a secular beach whose natural beauty attracts a great number of visitors of all ages every year. What’s more, the beach has a canteen for snacks, but for those who want something more, there are traditional taverns in the nearby area, that serve a unique  meat pie, this traditional Kefalonian recipe.
Access to the beach is easy since there is an asphalted road and you can visit it by car. For those of you who want to extend your visit, you can camp in trailers as space is available, but the beach is unorganized, without umbrellas and sunbeds, so whoever wants amenities should be supplied.

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