Aghios Thomas Beach

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Aghios Thomas Beach

Another extremely beautiful beach in the area of Livathos is that of Aghios Thomas. It was named after the nearby little church. The route to the beach is lovely and right before you reach the beach, you come across the small paved square, with the plane tress and the spring with its running water. You can reach it going through the village of Karavados. The beach is divided into two smaller beaches with crystal clear waters, surrounded by rocks.

Upon reaching the beach, you can dive off from the flat rocks on the right, where small and large craters that gather seawater and function as a natural hot-tub pose an interest. You can also head towards the next bay on the left, where you will meet the first sandy beach or even follow the path that leads to the second sandy beach, which is considered more “private”. The first beach is a small sandy strand exactly below a picturesque tavern. The second beach is slightly bigger and is accessible by the rocks. There is a snack bar which offers shade and a lovely view of the area’s small bay. If you walk westwards you will see strange formations from fossilized seaweed and big pits where various life forms have developed. If you love sports, then choose diving in the magical deep or trekking the lovely location.

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